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Located locally, we are the perfect option for your business or home looking for solar system installation. We will work together with you to generate a unique plan which meets the requirements of your business or home and helps you generate renewable energy!
When a business or home considers the advantages of commercial or residential solar systems, it frequently comes down to conversation of costs. We can easily tell you about all our clients’ savings averages, along with the improvement their marketing has attained, thanks to eco-friendly concentration, and people can look at hard numbers now.
There are lots of incentives to quickly layer on the top of savings you will see by cutting the electricity bills every month when you offer your solar power. We have been installing solar panels for years in the AZ, and our clients happily report complete satisfaction with the services we offer and the tax breaks, rebates, and other savings that the AZ offers.
Switch to Solar to Save Money
The AZ has created cash incentives program to encourage the solar systems installation for business owners and homeowners when installed by fully eligible contractors and installers — and that includes our company.
The incentives apply to home owners and business owners switching to solar using new grid-connected electrical photovoltaic systems that tend to be 200 kW or lesser. We know that the solar funds around have hit dry spell that have delayed or cut payment, so it is a smart thought to start immediately. Even if you are planning on waiting, then solar is an excellent investment.  

About Us

Solar Installation Services

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Our solar experts install the best solar panels. Our team also provide the fast and reliable repair and maintenance services.

Experience Local Savings, As Well
Commercial and residential solar panels also are eligible for a range of Goodyear and county rebates via local utilities. A few of the incentives include property tax cut for photovoltaic equipment at 5 percent for 4 years or reduction of nearly $0.40 - $ 0.30 per Watt for approx. 50kW - 200kW systems.
Just don’t forget that a solar installation is eligible for 30 percent rebate also in form of federal tax cuts!
Financing and Promises
Solar panels can generate hundreds and thousands of dollars savings over the years, making solar systems a smart investment both for home owners and business owners. Affording upfront costs can be intimidating for a few, but there are lots of available financing options.
We work with the clients from different streams. We know that every client is not in the same condition, so we provide three financing options in order to help you attain solar success:
-Money purchases that offer you with complete ownership — only other cost is for initial installation.
-The power purchasing agreement where equipment is bought at a fixed price, so you make payment to reach the total but are not hit with initial expense or any payment per kilowatt hour utilized.
-Lease to adopt solar even without purchasing the equipment. You will see no to little initial cost and will pay the monthly rates for equipment and hours of power that you use.