We offer residential solar system installation in the whole AZ and surrounding areas. Contact us today itself to work with our regional experts! We will work together with you to tailor solar power for your needs and assist you know the financial incentives accessible for you.
Residential Solar Power
We offer residential solar power and solar installation. Contact us directly in order to begin working with one among the best crews in the business to find the best products, installation time and financing for you now.
How Solar Systems Work?
To actually understand the advantages of residential solar system installations, you need to know how solar panels work. Here’s a fast primer on residential installation:
The solar panels are linked to your roof and are linked to your house’s current power system.
Sunlight hits the solar panels, and those photons are converted in electrons, producing direct current electricity.
The electricity flows from solar panels to your inverter and passes via some safety equipment.
Inverter then turns direct current in alternating current so that it can be utilized by your house, appliances, etc.
A bi-directional meter will be installed, which will keep a track on how much power your solar panels generate. If you are producing energy which your home is not using, it’ll be sent through power grid to some other homes, and typically it’s credited to the bill you get.
There also are alternative options where a person can connect solar panel to battery instead of local grid, but they are less known and at times this kind of setup isn’t eligible for AZ tax incentives.


Solar Panel Installation

Residential solar power installations are quite simple.The solar energy installation for your home will be a perfect addition to a forward-thinking household.

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Advantages of Solar Systems for Homes
Residential solar power offers a wide variety of advantages for you as well as your house. The news that maximum homeowners will love is that now you can affordably switch to solar and it creates long-term returns on your investments.
Solar panels let you save money on the energy bill every month by generating electricity you utilize and selling excess power back to your own local utility companies. It is found that average home can save nearly 484 every month on electricity bills by going solar.
If you pair this with the fact that solar panels prices have dropped about 60% in past five years, the solar panels for houses just make much more sense. Longer you’ve your solar system, more money you will make.
An average solar system will lasts 25 years at least, and using the above numbers, this means that you would save over $25,000 during the lifetime of those panels on electricity costs. Incentives for Residential Installations
You have lots of potential savings whenever you go solar and the most well-recognized incentive is federal solar system Investment Tax Credit which gives you 30% tax credits for homes converting into solar energy via the rest of year.
So don’t delay anymore, get ready to go solar and give us a call immediately.